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All our touring sled wood runners will now be sheathed in carbon fiber-fiberglas sleeves



Adjustable, easy-grip, handlebow; height: 33-38"
Made from select white ash, aluminum, and toboggan from 1/4" white UHMW
Aluminum bar brake with replaceable carbide tips*; Large toboggan has emergency passenger brakes on request
                                                                                                                                           Murphy (Double  brake) on request for wider sleds-$100 extra.
1 1/2 " standard laminated runners
UHMW brush bow
3 coats marine spar urethane on all wood surfaces
No-slip rubber foot pads

*Our Bar Brake with replaceable carbide points has greater gripping power on hard trails and ice and talon pads for better stopping power in snow. This brake is standard on all our adult sleds.

Browse all our Touring Sleds below

(Click each picture for particulars and PRICES)


The Toboggan/Double Trainer



(click on picture for more info and price )



       The Double Driver

Our Double Driver with places for 2 drivers and  1 seated passenger

    (click on  picture for more info and price )


  The SnowBoat

  Back by popular demand !

Full-sized passenger/freight toboggan built for 2-3 passengers with plenty of knee room

Side-panelled  to keep snow out

(Click on picture for more info and price)


                                                                6' Passenger Toboggan

       (also available in 5')

Full-size passenger/freight toboggan built for 2-3 Passengers

(Click on picture for more info and price)



   4'Passenger Toboggan

Smaller passenger toboggan (48"L x18"W) bed

(Click on picture for more info and price)






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