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Sled Dog Central

Mainely-Dogs, Perry Greene Kennels and Outfitters

Mountain Ridge  - Racing Alaskan Husky Kennel, Manufacturers of sled dog equipment

Karob Siberian Sled Dogs

Critterwoods Outdoor Recreation Area

Down East Sled Dog Club

New England Sled Dog Club


                    Wolverine Coach

North Country Mush and Skijor Club

Green Mountain Distance Mushers

Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers (SNDD) - Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers is a not-for-profit sled dog racing association that was started in 1962.  They organize an annual mushing clinic for owners of any breed who would like an introduction to carting, scootering, bikejoring, sledding and skijoring.  They have training runs in the fall and support/organize 3-4 races in Northern California each year.

Up N/Adam Kennels

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