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Videos of Scott Bronson and son using our kicksled on Long Island (NY)


Waiting for snow......


His first run was so fun he won't leave it' s side ! Thank you so much


Jan Eldridge and her Recreational Kicksled


Trachael Klaiber and her Junior.


Down Under dogsledding! Phill Forostenko with his C-41, racing in Australia with his team, Sonic & Flash.

Christmas in Canada :-)

They sure like us in Churchill!

Having a blast in Churchill Manitoba, Canada


In Norway, "they like us! They really, really like us!"

Svein Dufseth running our C-41 (sprint sled)and 6 of his Siberians at the start of the first official IFSS World Championship in mid distance in Hamar,  Norway this winter                        





James wheeler and his Can-Am sled at Greenville


Rob Cooke racing at Greenville with his favorite C-48



Amanda Stanoszek racing with her Allagash


Erin Kelly with her Bridgton with a caravan of mushers out enjoying a glorious winter day


                       Debra Rogers of New Jersey and her Malamute "Willow" are enjoying all the new snow with her new 5'Allagash!



Trachael and Winter enjoying her Junior sled

Kathy Bennett and tour passengers (seated and on rear) with our Double Driver and her Braeburn Siberians

(For tours and Kathy's website, click here (



          My dog Dickens sez,"this is ridiculous, Mom. let's get out in the snow"                                                  Later that same day......                                                                                                                                              


                                                                                               Dickens has her way!

                                                                         (see Kicksleds)

Hailey and her first run with her new Rookie-Looks like Dad is the one getting the work-out !


Team Tanglefoot (left and far right)) and Team Tiara (middle) of the Cotswolds, England with our sled bag-just waiting for snow!!

                             Rob Cooke and his custom 72" Can Am with his Cross of St. George (flag of England) custom bootie bag


         Our C-48 finds a home (and what a setting!) in British Columbia-                         Rob Cooke, his siberians and his C-48 finish the Eagle Lake 100-2008

          Myriam ordered it disassembled-She put it together that night!                            Good job, Rob!


Tricia modeling (and enjoying) her handlebar mittens; she and  friend Jeni  try out her new Bridgton sled


         Becky and Rachael enjoying their Double Driver                                    Georgia  & Kya try out her new Rookie

                   (see Customer Comments)


Rob Cooke takes on the Can-Am 60 & Louise Cooke takes on Mannsville with their C-48 and C-41

Caroline Blair-Smith on her C-41

Laurie Schneider (and her pup) show how well our sprint bags fit other sled models

Who says you can't be tough and wear pink! Sydney, age 2, is already in training to win the Iditarod with our Rookie

Everette Davis having fun with his sled dogs; Everette purchased a C-41 to have fun and to keep his dogs trim and fit.

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Alex Murphy leaving the starting chute at the 2002 Can-Am Crown 60 International Sled Dog Race in Fort Kent Maine.
Judy Chadhina and team using her custom Allagash sled
Eight year old Kayla on her Rookie sled.
Alex Murphy leaving the starting chute in the 2003 Sandwich Notch race
Fred in 2003 Can-Am 30
5 yr old Aisling on her Rookie with Jake, and Diesel
Aisling and Maggie (the dog) race with her Rookie
Heidi cruising the fields at Sandwich Notch 2003
Fred leaves the chute at Sandwich Notch 2003
Alex Murphy at Sandwich Notch 2003
Cody picks up his Junior at the Manchester Trade Fair

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