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What some of our customers are saying:

We got the sled bag and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you; we are so pleased and will recommend you to all our sled friends.

The sled arrived yesterday safe & sound. It was an easy assembly.



Just wanted to let you know the sled arrived in fine shape about a week ago.  Now we just need a little more snow cover to try it out.  My wife loves it!  Tell your husband that it is really well made and looks a thousand times better than the recreational/beginner sleds offered by others.  Our dog Kodiak can't wait to try it out in the snow.


its a fabulous workout (for me too, having to run beside them) and we LOVE the sled, perfect starter sled for our family! Thank you so much! and the instructions with pictures made it a breeze to put together! 


My sled arrived today and it is beautiful! Thank you so much! Daisy (my golden retriever/collie) and I had a lovely evening outing with it! Thanks for building us such a great way to play in the snow!
Best wishes to you!


I just wanted to let you know that I have received everything.  The sled and bag are great.  No problem putting them together, whatsoever. The stainless hardware on the sled is much appreciated.  Nice workmanship on the wood and plastic also.  And the hat was a nice touch.



re our "Allagash": I just unpacked our new Maine Made dog sled. It arrived intact and looks just beautiful. I took pictures but really nothing amiss. The real test will come with six dogs out in front running along. But I expect that to be beautiful as well.


re our "Recreational Kicksled": Thanks so much.  Bambam's dogsled arrived yesterday with a Fedex man bringing the big box and a big dog bone.  I just unpacked it along with the explicit instructions and it is beautifully crafted.  I will follow up on your references for a little harness for her.  We cannot wait for snow and we get alot here in the Leelanau from Lake Michigan lakeshore and big winds! Barbara Graham


re the "C-48": Wanted to thank you guys for the wicked awesome , affordable c-48 you sold me. If I would have let my dogs,go we would have beat the course record! There's always next year! I've been on a lot of sleds from German made aluminum to wooden American made, by far the c-48 is one of the best sleds. It handles like a dream and is very comfortable to ride. The first time I had a good run on it(after we got all the bolts tightened) I put my other sleds away and this is the only sled I use now. Looking forward to running the can-am 60 with t his sled. Thank you so much for the sled and service.


                                                                                            Mattawaska, Maine

re our "5'passenger toboggan": Dear Alex and Lucille, We love our new MaineMade dogsled! It 's larger, very roomy & comfy, and glides very well, especially compared to an old, different-brand toboggan we've had since the early 1990s.

And it steers great; we doubt your design could be any better.
We wish we'd made the switch long ago!

                                                                                           Gwinn, Michigan

(they had previously purchased an utra flexible toboggan from us and were unhappy with its performance-we returned their money and shipped the sled back and they were kind enough to purchase a different sled with which they are very happy!)

re our "Junior": My husband just put together the sled that we ordered for our daughter. My husband puts together many things and has built many structures and objects in his lifetime. He wanted me to tell you that he is very impressed with your sled. The quality is excellent and the sled is beautiful. Thank you so much for getting it to us before Christmas. You should be proud of your work.



re a custom sledbag: I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my sled bag and garment bag. I am thrilled with both .. they turned out way better than I ever hoped.
Lucille, I hope you took pictures of the sled bag for your website. If not, I'll send you some pictures !!! I definitely will be posting some pictures on FaceBook !!
Angela,[our stitcher]I love how you put the embroidery on both items .. and I LOVE how you positioned it. Thank you both so much ... I am over-joyed !!!


Re our "Bridgton": The dog sled has arrived and is even more beautiful than I had anticipated! The driver was rather delighted to deliver it having never delivered anything like it before. He said the guys at the terminal thought it was great! Thank you so much for the opportunity to buy a truly extraordinary piece of art, tradition, and history.


                                                                                            New York

Re our sledbags: I got the bag today, and like a kid at Christmas I actually brought my sled in the house to try it on!!!!!!! What a beautiful bag, worth every cent.I can't say enough how great your customer service was, you should be proud of the products you put out!

                                                                                           Ontario, Canada

Re the "Double Driver":

We received the sledges today. They look great can´t wait to drive them will give them a run tommorow. Great doing business with you hopefully next season we need some more sledges


                                                                                            Vuokatti, Finland.

Re our "Kicksled":

Good morning everyone at MaineMade,
I received my recreational kicksled last night and it is all set-up and ready to go (just waiting for snow now).
I just wanted to say thank-you, it is beautifully made and I am so excited.
Have a great season,                                                             P.E.

                                                                                            St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Re the "5'Allagash":

I just wanted to send you a note to say THANK YOU!! I picked the sled and stuff up early afternoon. The sled is absolutely beautiful and so well crated!! The bag is perfect! Thank you for the hat as well; Jeff loves getting new hats. He will wear it out I can guarantee it.

                                                                                             New Brunswick, Canada

Re the"C-41":

The sled arrived yesterday and I put it together last night.  It looks great!  The packaging was perfect and it was all intact.

Thank you so much for your help getting it here and I love the hat!


                                                                                             Brisbane, Australia


Re our "Double Driver":

Thanks soo much, we love our sled, so much that we haven't had time to check emails, lol. The sled arrived almost 2 weeks ago now! Sorry I didn'T let you know when it arrived, my parents came to visit from Ontario the same day the sled arrived, and it so happened that the snow arrived the same day as well! Since then the snow has come and gone a couple times, but we have a good base now, we've been out a handful of times. This sled is everything we hoped for and more, suits us just perfectly. The dogs love it too, since it's our second season we had memories of starting out last season and the several road bumps along the way, I feel like this sled has helped contribute to the smooth beginning of our second season.


                                                                                             Churchill, Manitoba

Re our"Double Driver":

I love our new Double Driver Sled.  I had so much fun with it last season I did not have time to write you and let you know.  My dog sled tour customers loved it.  It really feels safe and accommodating.  I even took it fully loaded on some incredibly twisty terrain.  It was perfect for family tours for my new Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures company.  I will be using it on the expedition I am planning for this coming season.  It is a thing of beauty with it's traditional wood.  Yet it has great features like the drag pad and the plastic bed under the basket.  Thank you so much! -                         Whatleigh
                                                                                              Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures, llc

Re our "Recreational Kicksled": The sled arrived today and I am thrilled!  The workmanship is great!  You also did a wonderful job of packaging it.  I hope that I have some time this weekend to assemble it.  It looks pretty straight forward.


                                                                                              Susquehanna, PA

Re our "Recreational Kicksled":

We got the sled wednessday and it snowed 10 in wed night so thursday we took a mile or so ride it very nice sled we are very happy with it thank you. our little girl is so happy she does not want winter to end now. thanks again


Re our new souped (as yet to be advertised) "C-48":

Loved the new sled - steered like a dream, lightweight, beautiful.


                                                                                              New Brunswick, CA

Re our new (not even advertised yet!)) souped -up "C-41"

We finally had enough snow to run a sled with a 4 or 6 dogs and actually have fun.Until Sunday we had been running the double driver with 8 or 10 or 12 because braking (and holding) was not there with one on the sled

 So Sunday the c41 got its maiden voyage. Both connie and i drove it with different 4 dog teams

 The steering is so subtle on it – a slight pressure on the driving bow will move the sled from one side of the trail to the other. In my first fast corner, I just let the sled drift the corner, but the second one i went weight-forward and leaned into the corner working hte driving bow  and the sled carved it beautifully

 Nice driving sled And it looks so good too

We like it!!


                                                                                              Ontario, CA

Re our sled bags

The sled bag arrived this morning. I’m very happy with it. It fits the sled very well and it looks great and well made too. All the sled needs now is some snow.

Thanks for all your expertise.


                                                                                              Calgary, Ab, CA


Re the "Double Driver"

I wanted to let you know that we finally got enough snow for sleds, and I tried out my new sled today. I admit I was nervous because it is so big, but it handled just fine. I could not even tell when Scott was on the back. When he was in the seat I could feel the difference though. We did not have any trouble, and he did try to get me to dump him. It is very well made! I have my first two tours this Thursday.


                                                                                             New Hampshire

Re our "Junior" sled

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful Junior Dog Sled.  We received yesterday and I put it together last night for my daughter's birthday today (12/30).  You delivered as promised and we couldn’t be happier with the craftsmanship.


                                                                                            Scituate, MA


Re the Allagash: (Amanda's sled was featured on the "How It's Made" TV show)

I know it has been FOREVER since I bought the sled, but one thing or another kept getting in the way, and I never got a chance to tell you
how much I love, and enjoy, my beautiful sled.  It is such a fine piece of craftsmanship, just a beautiful traditional sled, just what I wanted.
It carried me over many miles of trail last winter, and I hope to do the same again this year!  I wanted to send you a few photographs of the
sled in use that you could put on your website.  They're attached to this email; I hope you enjoy them!
Thanks again for such great customer service, and such a solidly-built, beautiful sled.  Again, I'm sorry it took me SO long to write you, but
you have a customer for life!  I am completely hooked on mushing, and I'm already contemplating taking the next step and getting a touring
sled so I can carry some friends and family along on my rides.  When I'm ready for that next purchase, I will definitely be coming to you - for
another sled that will become a treasured heirloom in our family.


Re the "Can-Am":
I would like to thank you for the Can-Am sled that I bought from you last summer. I have been using it almost daily for the last three months and have had a great time. Even in a season with no snow and challenging trails it has worked beautifully with no repairs or malfunctions. I really like the way it rides the side hills, even with a 200 pound person sitting in the bag. I have used it for racing and training and am convinced that this is the perfect sled for a one sled kennel that is serious about putting miles on the team. The Can-am is great for camping and training as well as racing anything from a thirty miler with mandatory gear, to the Iditarod.This is an excellent sled for mid and long distance racing. I am sure that I will be using this sled for many years to come. I also appreciate the craftsmanship of the sled and your companies commitment to constantly improving your sleds through rigorous field testing.
                                                                                        thanks again.
                                                                                                James Wheeler

                                                                            (James Wheeler completed the Iditarod in 2000)

Re the "5'Allagash":

Hello! In spite of all the crazy weather we have been having here in central Jersey, the sled has arrived!! It was shipped beautifully! It is almost too pretty to use!!! really enjoying the snow and dogs now!!!! Thanks so Much!!!! 


                                                                                                New Jersey

Re the "Bridgton":

The sled arrived yesterday afternoon - it's absolutely beautiful!! The truck driver was excited at delivering his first dog sled - but nothing like as excited as I was to receive it. 
It really is beautifully made - I keep running my hands over it and can't wait to get it out on the trails. I'll send some photos...
Thank you very much for all of your hard work - and for the extra trouble you went to to get it here - I really appreciate it all.


                                                                                                  Calgary, Alberta

Re our bags:

I gave my wife her new purple sled bag and glove bag for Christmas. She ran out to put it on the sled right away! I had spent 20 plus years in tailored clothing working with some of the finest tailors in the industry, so I know a thing or two about quality workmanship. I looked the bag over carefully when I recieved it in the mail, and was impressed with the finish work. I know this bag will give many years of rugged service. What you do is a dying art. I can see the care and love you put into this bag. It's great to know I can buy American, and get the best quality around.
Just a side note. It was great speaking with you when I ordered the bag. I love your sense of humor, and and your willingness to make a glove bag for me, even though it wasn't standard with the sled bag I ordered. I can't wait to finish building my wife's new sled, so I can order a "custom" bag from you. I wouldn't consider putting anything else on a sled that I put my heart and soul into.
I love the logo you stitch on the bags, and display it proudly!



Re the "C-41":

The sled works just perfect, and it is so beautiful, and really fun to ride.

I was on a winter gathering for the Siberian club of Norway in December, and several mushers there asked me about the sled and where I’d got it from.


                                                                                                   Oslo, Norway.

Re the "Double Driver " -   I bought three of your double sleds for my tour business in Churchill I just want to tell u how happy I am with them- everyone loves them. If you want to see the sled in action go to and search Wapusk Adventures- there is a great video of my the toursleds in action. Again thank you for a great product!!!!   Dave Daley Churchill Manitoba

Re our"Junior":   The sled arrived and my husband and grand-daughter put it together last night.  It’s beautiful with outstanding craftsmanship and the break system is fabulous!!!  You did a very nice job of providing excellent instructions and it was assembled without any problems.  We absolutely love the sled!  

Our grand-daughter was so excited and she and her dog, McKinley, tested it out today.  Hailee (our 11 year old grand-daughter) said McKinley could pull it real well and they went fast.  We’re so pleased with the sled and know that it was made with loving care and we’ll treasure it always.  Thank you so much for providing us with a wonderful gift to our grand-daughter and she’s thrilled with it.  Please feel free to post our positive comments on your web site, because we highly recommend your products and service to anyone.  When we get pictures back, we’ll send you a picture of Hailee, McKinley and their new sled.  Thanks so much.  Happy New Year and best wishes to you.

                                                                                                   M.N., MI  

Re our "Bridgton":         Thanks to you and Alex very much for the beautiful sled, it was a huge surprise on Christmas morning

and the dogs took to it without a speck of hesitation – they were hooked up and Al barely had a chance to get his feet in place before they took off.  I will certainly take some photos when we’re out next.

                                                                                                   M.P.M, Nova Scotia

We managed to get out on the Double Trainer today and I absolutely loved it, makes such a difference having someone else there when the snow is so marginal. I certainly wouldn't have taken out a 12 dog team on a sled with the variable snow we currently have without an ATV back up but no need with the new sled - having someone else there to stand to the brake if there are problems increases confidence a hundredfold. Before we went out I was a bit dubious about the drag mat being down all the time but it didn't cause the problems I thought it would even in deep snow with the dogs trail breaking. The sled handles like a dream too. As ever thanks for a fantastic product and congrats to Alex on such excellent workmanship

                                                                                                    R.C, Nova Scotia, Canada

This is a delayed "Thank you" for the wonderful sled you made us.  We bought the "Double Driver" last year, and we absolutely love everything about it.  We had so much snow out here in the west last winter, we never would hae been able to get our training in safely without it.  Most of the time, our trails were socked in with snow.  With the double driver, both Rick and I could run a large team together and survive the run, having both of us there to deal with "situations"!  We love this sled and will have it forever, so versatile and so well made.  Great job.

                                                                                                    K.St.O, Utah

Thanks. The sled is beautiful!

                                                                  S.P-P,  Colorado

Re the "Can-Am":   Woo hoo!  All I can say is Thank you!!!  I love the new sled :)  It rides like a dream :)  We got 7" of new snow overnight so it was perfect.  It did take a little getting used to as far as the flexiblity in the beginning...but once I got the feel of it... it rides so much smoother than the______ I usually use.  I told Ray today I felt like I was driving a Cadillac!    I'll highly recommend the sled to anyone I know...       

                                                                                                    T.L, Maine

Sled arrived today!!!!!  Looks great, went together with-out problems, can't wait to try it out!  Bag is amazing, great work
Thanks again                                                                                K.T., Utah


Re the "Double Driver":

Just wanted to write you folks and tell you how much the girls like their sled. They have been bragging about it to everyone and taking people rides. Today Jan.1, Becky, Rachael and I hooked up 12 dogs and went to Sherman and back which is 14 miles. I couldn't believe the way the sled handled. You sold us on your sleds. The next time the girls hook up a big team I will send you a picture.              

                                                                                             S.N.,  Maine   (see picture in PhotoGallery)

Took out a 4-dog team this morning. The trails were lousy but a good time was has by all. On a fun factor scale of 1-10, the DD rates a BA- ZILLION!!!          S.H., Connecticutt

click here for a full review of the Doube Driver sled in "The Fan Hitch", the Journal of Inuit Sled Dog International

Finally, finally, we have enough snow to take our new sled out. We went for a run yesterday afternoon and it was magnificent! The sled handles beautifully, and it was a hoot to be able to travel together. We will have a wonderful winter taking trips together with all of our dogs. Thank you very much for building it for us. Larkin says to tell you that we named the sled "Lucille".

                                                                                             S.B, Alaska

The sled finally arrived! It's beautiful. It feels good. Can't wait for tomorrow morning to hitch a team to it.   Many thanks for your beautiful work,   G.M., Canada

Re custom sled bags:

And it is a beautiful bag !!!! thank's thank's thank's !! It fit perfect, i will make a picture soon and of course when Rik is in
Sweden.                                                                                W.G & R.E,. The Netherlands

Thanks so much for getting the sledbag out so quickly to us.  It arrived Monday.It's a lovely quality bag and fits the sled  perfectly

                                                                                              P.C, NH

ITS FANTASTIC!!!! better than we could imagine, it fits the sled absolutely perfectly, so glad we double checked the measurements. the terriers have already sat in the bag to test it out and the dogs looked as excited as we were; mr wolfe kept sniffing it over and over and he approves!  really pleased with the colours and love the little logo you sewed on it too, be pleased to give you some good advertising to anyone interested in buying a bag over here!!! make sure everyone we race with knows how good it looks!        

                                                                                                M.H., England

Re Rangeley Junior:

God bless you and your husband! I cannot believe how magnificent Hannahs sled is!  I will send photos as soon as I get them.

                                                                                                S.M, Michigan

Just a quick note to let you know I received our new Sled Bag and drag Pad.  I have to tell you the Sled Bag colors were perfect, the workmanship second to none and the enjoyment of dealing with two honest people has more than earned my repeat business.  We have 1 season behind us on our “Allagash” and its performance was flawless.  Hect, it even pulled great on its side. (Long Story).  We will be ordering the C48 shortly.  Again, Thank You!

                                                                                               Tom & Catrina

                                                                                                 Cold Mountain Siberians

It has arrived and it is beautiful!!!!!!!  Thank you so much.  I am so excited.  I can't wait for some snow so that I can use it.  If you would like I can send you a picture of it in use when the time comes for using it.   Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!  You have made my day.  :-))                                                     H.W. Ontario, Canada

I meant to tell you and Alex: last season was our best race season ever: third at Stratford 30, fourth at Can-Am 30 and first at the Bartlett Fun Run. It could have been the soft snow conditions that favor my big strong dogs…or it could have been my C-41!

                                                                                                                                C.B-S, Maine


Even though I just have one strip of slushy snow left in our front field big enough for a run, I could tell that the sled flies a lot quicker than our other one, and I can maneuver it more easily. It'll clearly give me an advantage when I only run one dog. It's great. I'm hoping that  section of snow will last the afternoon and harden up overnight, so I can try it on a firmer pack in the morning.   One more time: many thanks for your help figuring out the shipping and everything.

                                                                                               N.A., Vermont

It’s beautiful!! Even the Fed Ex man was excited!  I can’t wait to get home!

                                                                                                B.J, Michigan


"Just a quick report to let you know we had great success at the sled dog sprint festival in Wanaka New Zealand. Won our class and now feel quite comfortable behind the sled. Your braking system { flip-up drag pad/brake combo] has made a real difference and I was thrilled with it. Am now comfortable taking corners at speed knowing that control is only a foot tap away if something goes wrong. Strongly recommended your brakes to others who would listen so hope you get some new business from down under.                                          Regards,


                                                                                                 New Zealand

"The sled arrived yesterday at 10:30 am at my office. I took it out of the crate last night like a kid unwrapping a present at Christmas. It looks great and the craftsmanship and quality has exceeded my expectation. I can't wait to use it this year .                                                                                                            D.I.



"Thank you so much for building us such a beautiful sled  {C-41, disassembled}.

we received it Wed 15th, and I put it together that night. This sled is very well put together. Alex you are a true Craftsman. Thank you both for your efforts.-                                                 




"Hi there! Just a note to let you know we got the sled bag today, just in time for Ken's birthday.  It's great!! I wouldn't fit in there, but his boys probably will.  ;o)  Thanks for your quick service." --

                                                                                                T. D.



"Hi Lucille, Thanks for the info & THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE SLED!  It's even nicer than I expected.  I can't wait to get it in the snow.  It's getting unseasonably cool here so I'm hoping for an early & snowy winter! If you ever need to use someone as a reference for your sleds - I'll happily tell everyone about the craftsmanship I see in mine!  One thing I didn't mention, I love the brake design.  We've tried a couple of different styles & this one looks like a winner." --                                                                                                                             K. A



"Dear Lucille, our sled bag came in the mail today and to put it mildly my wife and I are very impressed!!! The quality and workmanship are absolutely impeccable!! The bag's arrival could not have come at a better time. Last nite we recieved 10 inches of the white fluffy stuff perfect for showing off our new sled and bag. The two of them together are a perfect match. I'll try to send you some pics if i can just figure out how to send jpegs. Once again thank you for every thing! You and your husband, and the lady who sewed the beautiful bag helped us enjoy a most memorable christmas! And not to mention how much fun it is to see our dogs pull their new sled. They simply love it!!!! Have a happy new year and god bless you!!" --

                                                                                                 S. K., Washington


"Hi Lucille! We received our bag, It is Awesome! It is everything that we had hoped it would be and fits beautifully to our sled! Thanks so much! I didn't check my email til Sat morning, so I mailed your check right away. You should be receiving it by Tues(?). You really did a fantastic job and we can't wait to try it out on the trail!" -- 

                                                                                                  L. M., Massachusetts


"... As for the sled - IT IS GREAT. It has held up very well in a couple of mishaps with trees and came out without a scratch. The plastic brush guard is a great idea for this sled! One of my friends will be buying one next year and I'm sure he will be coming to you. I will keep on him. ... Thank you again for all of your help. I do believe that you will see more of us and I will make sure that I recommend your sleds to everyone I talk to." --

                                                                                                  N. R., Brunswick, Maine


    I got the bags on Sat. I can't tell you how happy I am with my sled bad for my toboggan sled. I ran with it for 20 miles yesterday and it is really perfect. You spent a lot of time with me getting it right and I appreciate it. I will recommend your company to all that ask. I will be sending you the money shortly. Thanks again." --

                                                                                                  B. L., Vermont


"I received the sled bag on Friday afternoon and put it on the sled immediately! It fits fine and am planning on using it all next week. Thank you for such a quality product and the personal touch that is missing in a lot of other merchandise." --

                                                                                                  K. P., New Hampshire


"Of course you already know this but the sled bag is absolutely beautiful! It looks like it will be extremely durable and I'm sure it will las as long as my sled. I tied it on my sled and it fits like you actually made it for MY sled. Hmmm, how did that happen? It is obvious that you have that tape measure to sewing needle conversion all figured out. The blue and green look great together (you have good taste) Also the design is excellent. It's easy to see you have made enough of these to get all the bugs worked out and have all the pockets, bags, vents and straps placed in the most convenient and user friendly spots. I will get a photo of the sled and bag combination out to you soon. ...  
I never explained why I chose you for my sled bag, so I will do so now. I am not an impulse buyer. Whenever I am in the market to buy something I look at every available option, then try to get the best product for the money. I really love the internet, because now instead of looking at a few local stores, I can search all over the world. When I was planning on building a dog sled last fall, I looked at every dog sled makers web site I could find, to see what was available, and get ideas on how to make a sled. While looking at those sites, I knew that I would be needing a sled bag, and I couldn't make that myself. I made a note of all the sled makers that also offered sled bags. I weeded them out, down to 3. **** Montana, **** Wisconsin, and this neat husband and wife team in Maine called Maine Made Dog Sleds. I liked the looks of the bags from each of these companys, and they all sounded like good quality. Then I sent an e-mail to each one, inquiring about a CUSTOM made to fit my sled bag. This is where you really won. You responded within hours. The others were days. They both told me they had standard bags that would fit my sled. They were both more expensive than you for a "standard" bag.. They had very vague info on their web site. You didn't have to explain much in your first e-mail to me, as your web site pretty much gives all the info I needed. You did however ask for measurements, and gave me some options to consider, so I knew that you made truly custom bags. 
Also, writing back and forth with you seemed like talking to an old friend, not just someone who wanted me to buy something from them. I now know that I made the right choice. I could have paid more for a bag from someone else, but I am certain that I could not get a better quality bag no matter what the cost. That is the kind of people I want to do business with. When someone buys one of Alex's sleds, I am willing to bet they get the same results." --

                                                                                                   Husky Hauler, Minnesota


Dear mainemadedogsleds,
    We received our sled about a week ago. We were really impressed by the fine craftsmanship on the Bridgton sled. We and our german shorthairs are new to all of this sledding sport  but we got our dogs up and running with in a day or two (they love to run) . The sled is so easy to handle. Look forward to the sled bag I ordered from you. Wish we could learn more about the sport so we don't make to many bad mistakes that are hard to correct. I enclosed a picture of the dogs pulling my wife Katie on the Bridgton sled. I need to get a better picture.
Thanks again,
Tom and Katie -  Up N' Adam Kennels LLC 


MaineMade Dogsleds
74 Whitehouse Rd
Vassalboro, Maine 04989
(207) 445-5550