Maine Made Dogsleds

                                                                         WHAT'S  NEW

1)   C-41 & C-48 Sleds:

             These laminated 1 1/4" ash runners will now be sheathed in carbon fiber/fiberglas sleeves and coated with epoxy

      All Passenger Toboggans (SnowBoat included) and Double Driver:

             These laminated 1 1/2" runners will be sleeved in carbon fiber/fiberglas and coated with epoxy

This protects the runner wood giving the runner MUCH longer life without abrasions, protects better against water damage and lastly, provides strength combined with flexibility to the runner.

2)   Other colors available for TRIM on bags, besides the standard red, royal blue, black, purple and forest green, will be navy, lemon yellow, lime green, orangy orange (sensing a fruit theme here...) , burgundy, and baby blue at no extra charge while the colors last. I have only a small amount of each. Colors other than red, royal blue, purple, forest green and black for the main part of the bag will be charged an extra $25-$50(depending on the size of the bag).