The Double Trainer


This sled has positions for 2 drivers. The front toboggan is for gear or a tired dog.

As with the Double Driver, the main driver is in the middle section with brake and dragmat and the second driver is in the rear with another standard bar brake.

Perfect for teaching, training big teams with another driver, or camping.

Re-designed to be extremely flexible and manueverable.

PRICE:  $2050 -made with composite, cabonfiber/fiberglass sheathing for extra durability

                                                                                 (we no longer carry aluminum runners)                

Optional bag for toboggan section which includes glove bag, dog ring, vent, midline zipper, and reflective tape: $200

Rear section bag:    $75

Above bags can be done in red, royal blue, forest green, purple, or black

we keep red, blue and green in stock