Flip-up Drag/Brake Combo


Snowhook Options

We have come up with several solutions depending on your situation.
PVC will shatter at lower temps so we now make ours out of UHMW plastic.
These holders are designed with the most popular hooks and
keep this potentially deadly but essential tool off the sled bag and away
from tour clients. No drilling necessary


Center/stem mounted snowhook holder

stem can also be removed and hookholder can be directly mounted on the cross stretcher



Side mounted holder

No drilling needed-bolts are on either side of stanchions on bottom and using gusset bolt holes on top

Can also be applied to other sled brands (but must be A-frame) without drilling (double row of bolts on either side of the stanchion)



Our Foot Boards

Absolutely the best of the best in preventing snow build-up!


Murphy Dual Brake