Our NEW runners are now sheathed in carbon fiber-fiberglas sleeves!

This protects the runner wood giving the runner MUCH longer life without abrasions, protects better against water damage and lastly provides strength combined with flexibility to the runner.

The latest addition to our Touring/Passenger collection

click here for a full review in "The Fan Hitch," the Website and Journal of Inuit Sled Dog -Dec. 2007

click here for the follow-up review-June 2008

Our latest review: "I bought three of your double sleds for my tour business in Churchill. I just want to tell u how happy I am with them everyone loves them. .

Again thank you for a great product !!!!  Dave Daley, Churchill Manitoba

On his website Vern Halter ("What's New" at Dream a Dream Premier Iditarod Kennel) calls it the "Dream Ride"

"Your sleds are great; really lets people do far more than they expect, safely. Beautiful workmanship. Sleds are great to drive"

Two New England tour operators who used it each for several days think its fantastic, handles really well,

and is a lot a fun for clients...

Here's what they're saying:

a great new idea in sled design that allows my clients to get right

on the runners from the get-to. The Double Driver carves and turns

surprisingly well for a large sled, and my dogsledding clients love

the authentic wood look and feel of it. It was an instant creative

addition to our touring business. Great design along with excellent

          craftsmanship."...   Steve Crone    New England Dogsledding

"I had an opportunity to try out MaineMade Sleds' new touring sled for customers. The sled was the answer to all my problems that I have had with a (tour) sled. I have been running a touring business since "2000" giving thousands of rides. My customers always want to drive a team. This sled gives them the perspective of driving a team without me worrying about losing a team or a customer crashing the sled into a tree. The sled put me in a position where I was able to teach the customers how to operate the sled. Surprisingly, I can not believe how well this sled handles. I had an opportunity to use the sled during a budget buster weekend that services twenty customers. On one ride, I took out 2 males at the same time, one weighing 245 lbs.and the other 250 lbs. I myself weigh 175 lbs. and stand 5'10". The snow was hard-packed and the temperature was 20 degrees. My team was very motivated. We started to descend a hill that was only a snowmobile-and-a half wide and was windy. I admit that I was a little concerned by the dogs at a speed of about 20 mph, with a team of 12 dogs. I have travelled this trail many times before and have had difficulties with my other sled making these turns with excess weight. Once I took a few turns I was quite amazed at how well the sled handled and became confident and relaxed with the ride. I did not want to give the sled back when it was time. Anticipating another weekend of rides, I wished I could keep it. I think I had more fun than the customers. I can't wait to have my own"..

                                                                                            .Ron Brigham   Northernillusion Sled Dog Experience


Couples think it's a great way to train big teams together..

Tour passengers think they've died and gone to heaven...

Any way that we present this new sled its gotten rave reviews

The sled allows 2 drivers and one seated passenger (or one adult and a small child)

The main driver is in the middle section with brake and dragpad, and second driver is in the rear position with another brake




  PRICE:  $2200

Double Driver Custom Bags


Our grandsons, Erik and Ethan, model the Double Driver and sled bags

A passenger lap robe of water-repellent 1000 wt. cordura with reflective tape and lined with fleece

available for $165.(allow 2 weeks for completion)

Rear section bag (1000 wt. cordura) $75

Both bags can be purchased in red, royal blue, black, forest green and purple before Dec.1

Default black available from Dec. 1 through winter (unless colors still available)