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                              Thank you for visiting MaineMade Dog Sleds website.

While we carry dogsled bags and many mushing accessories, as our name implies, our main focus is dogsleds. We have complete lines of racing sleds, recreational sleds and touring sleds for sale. We have a dog sled for every need and do custom sleds as well. Our custom and in-stock sled bags are renown for their beauty and durability. Our dogsleds offer the best value and we strive to keep our sled and bag prices reasonable. Our dog sleds are hand-crafted with a quality and craftsmanship second to none. We build to last.

                                                We ship throughout the USA and Canada

                                                We no longer ship overseas                                

                                       WE SELL

       WE ARE RETIRING THIS YEAR! We will continue to service and repair our sleds and sell kicksleds, brakes, and runner plastic even after our existing inventory of sleds runs out.. You will see a new website in the next several months  We will not be attending the NH Trade Fair-alot of orders and too much work to do!                                     









     by a Vietnam Veteran

        All our sleds and accessories are designed and manufactured right  here in our shop in Vassalboro, Maine.

      Click the pawprint to watch video of the making of our Allagash sled on

     the TV show How Its Made   



Product Categories:


Contemporary: Extremely lightweight, highly maneuverable sleds especially designed for racing.

Contemporary Sled are able to be disassembled for economical mailing/shipping(click here)

Mid/Long Distance Sled: The "Can-Am" -able to be disassembled for economical shipping ; "The Quest" ( Backpacker sled)
Recreational: recreational sleds made of 100% select white ash
Touring/Freight: Sleds specifically built for carrying multiple passengers and/or cargo.                                          

Custom Sleds: Sleds made to YOUR specifications   See our Tote Sled

Sled Bags
Handlebar Mittens
Parts & Accessories: includess several snowhook holder options, lines, plastic , brakes
Books & DVD's
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Last updated: 9/2016

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